1005 – A Jealous God?

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A Jealous God?

The Bible says God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5). Does this mean God is imperfect?

Many of you might be married, but for those who are not, I want you to imagine you are married. And you really love your spouse from the bottom of your heart. But then one day you find out that your spouse is having an affair with someone else. Don’t you think it would be rather abnormal if you are not grieved when you find out? Of course you would be grieved!

And this is what God means when He says that He is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5). A normal, even godly, response is to be grieved by a spouse that is unfaithful. Now the problem with jealousy is when a person is actually faithful, but their spouse is constantly mistrusting them. That is actually a kind of phobia that springs from insecurity.

In our sinful world people are often jealous and mistrustful without any cause. This has destroyed many marriages and positive relationships. This is wrong, the problem of a sinful human nature.

So it is important to remember that there are two sides of the jealousy coin. On one side there is an appropriate, normal jealousy from love and singleness of devotion. The other side is an abnormal jealousy from suspicion, envy and fear.

The church is the bride of Christ – we even take His name. And we are taking His name in vain when we call ourselves Christians and worship other gods. He has a right to be jealous if we decide to give our devotion to other gods after we have professed to accept Him as our husband. He wants our loyalty because we have promised it to Him through repentance and baptism. 

But the other form of jealousy where a man follows his wife around and secretly checks her mail – that is a sin born of mistrust. We want to stay away from that. Amen.