1003 – Who Created God?

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Who Created God?

If God created everything, then who or what created God?
The Bible does say a few words about God’s eternal nature. In Psalm 93:2 we are told ”Thy Throne is established of old; thou art from everlasting”. The Bible clearly teaches us that God has always been. Even though it is difficult for us to understand, it still remains true – God has always existed. How do we know that it is true? Listen to the lesson “101 – Does God Exist” to see evidence for God’s existence, and listen to lesson “102 – What is Faith” for evidence that He cannot lie.
Before time even began God was there. That is why Jesus refers to Himself as I AM in John 8:58, meaning He is an eternal presence. He has always been, He always is and He always will be. It is very difficult for humans to imagine because we live in a realm where everything has a beginning and an end. But not so for God. Isaiah 57:15 says “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy” God inhabits eternity. He doesn’t have a beginning, and He won’t have an end. That is a mystery for all ages. Amen.